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Artist: Leungo Moshashane

For a millennial, these are exciting times to be present and contribute to a great transformation. Digital transformation is advancing our lives at every stage. What more for a young creative in this vibrant generation?  No doubt, gen-z is bound to give all other generations a round for their money. 

The digital world is full of endless possibilities. Generation-Z are the movers and shakers of this new creative era. Not only are they young and full of life, but they are headstrong and creative with a dash of dare like no other generation.  

In a time when everything appears to be  thrown at their laps, no wonder other generations glare at them with an occasional green eye. As easy as that may sound, that was never the case for the hardworking Leungo Moshashane. Leungo is a young visual artist fixated on growth. Let’s hear how this was possible from this astute artist, and November artist of the month. 




OJ: Who is Leungo Moshashane?

Leungo: I am a 20 year old young man who goes by the name  Leungo Moshashane, alias ‘STARE’ . I am a self taught portrait artist and I have been doing art for basically my whole life.

"You cannot spell EARTH without ART."

OJ: Take us through your journey with art?  

My earliest memory with art was when I was 5 years old. I used to draw these funny pictures and try to sell them to my family members but back then it didn’t really mean much to me as it does now. I came to realize it as I grew older.

I always took art as something of a hobby before. I loved it but never really had time because I was always focused on school and other things. It was something I did in the shadows up until I finished my form 5, that’s when I realized I could make a name for myself though it. I think that’s when most people realized I’m so much into art as well.

I always feel so attached to every piece of art that I make. For me, my favorite is always the last piece I created because I feel like every time I make a portrait be it a drawing or painting, I improve from the last one I made. My goal is to grow.

 I do art based on what we are currently invested in as youth and I didn’t realize it at first but music plays a big role in what I create. Sometimes I would make a portrait of my favorite artist and sometime an illustration of someone having fun. What I make is mostly centered around things that bring me joy and I draw inspiration from that.

Generally, I believe art is a form of communication. Art can help an individual to express their feelings or tell their story without having to utter a word. It also plays a big role in beautifying the world. There is a phrase that says “you cannot spell EARTH without ART” and I believe that totally explains it. In my society art has eradicated people from poverty especially the youth, a lot of Batswana earn a living through all forms of art.

My goal is to be listed among the best of the best artists not only in Botswana but all over the world. I want my art to reach every corner of the world and be hanged on the wall of basically every house hold. I am all about getting myself out there and making a big contribution in the art world.

OJ: What are some of the challenges you have overcame as an Artist?

Leungo: One thing is, I stay limited by my lack of funds. I cannot work to my fullest as art requires a very large investment of capital. I am restricted to what I can afford and not what i really want.

I grew up using only pencil and paper to create my art because it was what I was used to growing up but I have recently started using other materials like charcoal and acrylic paint. If I were to be asked which is my favorite I would say acrylic painting because it helps me better express the picture in my head plus it is more colorful and lively. 

My work schedule really depends on a lot of things how long i take; the art size, media used and the likes but I usually take about 48 to 72 hours to complete my work entirely.

I make art according to the way I see the world and as people we don’t view the world with the same eye . It all depends on the angle at which you as a person are looking at it and that is why I want to leave perception all to the people.

OJ: What is your all time artist’s quote?

Leungo: “I always feel so attached too every piece of art that I make. For me, my favorite is always the last piece I created because I feel like every time I make a portrait be it a drawing or painting, I improve from the last one I made. My goal is to grow.”

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