Is Art A ViableTool For Good Mental Health?

In every aspect of our lives, mental health stirs our domination capacity, willpower, and zeal for life. Ironically, mental health is the most neglected part of society. We often leave our mental health care to events of random chance. As a result, we cripple this important aspect of our being. ...

Artist Portfolio Enhancing Strategies

A good artistic portfolio consists of planning & Inspired Research: An artist portfolio is first created through preparation. Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. All great achievements and heights of excellence were mostly possible because of ...

Storytelling in Art: An account on Surrealism

What is storytelling in an artwork? There is always a story behind any artwork. Storytelling is an art itself; an art that is to be explored, learned, and mastered. Whether personally interpreted or deciphered by the artist, the artwork’s story becomes a source of an emotional trigger, ...

Artify’s first Radio Interview

Artify Botswana is setting the local revolutionary pace for art capacity and appreciation. It is both a pacesetter and an inspirational beacon for creative innovation. The 6th of November 2020 marks the first of many for the online art market-store. In the early Friday morning of that fateful ...

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