Is Art A ViableTool For Good Mental Health?

In every aspect of our lives, mental health stirs our domination capacity, willpower, and zeal for life. Ironically, mental health is the most neglected part of society. We often leave our mental health care to events of random chance. As a result, we cripple this important aspect of our being.

After drowning our noses in immense workloads, tight schedules, and responsibilities, we are fatigued from being eternally busy. Generally, everyone is trying to make their way in this life and our lives are tantamount to forage.  The after-taste of this rummage can be mentally debilitating and leaves many with burnout. The only solace that remains is the outright tending to our mental health wounds.  

Mental health care is an underrated need. In a world filled with noise, discord, and a bustle of activity, one needs an energy reserve to tap from. It’s human nature and we simply need to unwind. Visual art is a haven of mental nourishment. The effects of art on mental health are beyond blissful but are divinely therapeutic.

Art offers an aura of tranquility, and that aura is in a way, a mystical soothe. It is encouraging that we have the option to simply put things on hold and bask in the serenity of the art.

As much as we want the A-list factor, we have to take care of our minds first. To do anything exceptionally well or to do anything at all, enthusiasm and focus through mindfulness are the key. Ultimately, mental health is the stimuli to all other areas and activities of our lives.  No doubt, if we invested in our mental health, we shall reap good success and become well-rounded beings.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a great way to exercise our creative minds.  A generic term used to explain the impact the general art and fraternities have on mental health. Art therapy proves to be an enabler of good mental health.

Visual art therapy embraces visual artworks like paintings,  drawings, or any visual representation. The therapy results are then used as remedial for psychological analysis, psychotherapy, and aid with diagnosis(  The art therapy experience releases a tremendous amount of leisure and potent energy.

Art therapy

The therapy’s approach to artwork analysis has to do with how the artist relates to themselves. The things they learn and understand deeply about themselves help them derive more meaning and structural calm. Although a single artwork can not entirely reveal what goes on in the mind of an artist. The idea is to achieve a level of consciousness.

Art therapy helps us to understand our problems and what is significant to us.  Here, an analysis of an artwork is used to formulate a diagnosis and further applied for tension-releasing exercises. Others opt to use non-conventional art forms for their mental health, see the article on abstract art(follow the link to read more The intent is to get one to a place of relaxation and calm, almost like conventional meditation.

Art therapy generally has a positive outcome. However, attaining good positive mental health is a lifelong practice and for the most part, requires stealth intention and discipline. It is noteworthy, mental health will in effect be dependent on timing and setting, and it shifts with the seasons of our lives.  Likewise, art therapy yields different outcomes depending on where we are at different times of our lives.

Mental health also comprises a myriad of activities, experiences, & brain chemical balance. Art therapy is just a good way to help with better navigation. In imagery; if mental health is a bucket, then art therapy is a single drop of water. Not at all a futile experience, as that single drop of water might hold the current in the end!

Art, Mental Health & physiological stratum?

One need not be a creative artist to enjoy the beautiful intricacies that art illuminates. There are other passive ways that art refreshes and sharpens mental health. Studies show that musing at an admirable piece of artwork has a calming effect on our physical body. The sensation is much like powerful opium or meditation.

 It is safe to say, art has more or less the same effect on mental health as with meditation. It is a very therapeutic and passive form of meditation. No harm is done in adding art musing to your list of hobbies. The benefits are tremendous! The impact is just the same as taking a stroll through nature on a serenading starry and crispy evening.

The tranquil effect on the viewer is due to a reduction of cortisol, the stress hormone. The feel-good hormones are activated, and serotonin is released into the body’s system.

To achieve productivity in any line of work and general life goals, mental focus is our starting point. Our body’s senses pick up our mood, and mood affects our coordinated movement and performance. Likewise, the effect of art on our bodies is through a change in moods and a ‘can-do spirit.

It is the simple things of changing the color of your visual space that does the magic. Changing the color of the living room to a calmer feel is a difference in a regulated heart rate. Simple visual effects play a tremendous part in your mood shifts. Create a lively atmosphere and embellish your home, office or cubicle space a little. I promise you, it is a great mood lifter.

Art, Mental Health & the creative subconscious

A form of mental boost, art keeps our mind at bay. We easily tap into our creative subconscious power and are able to communicate clearly subconscious memories, dreams, and experiences.

Art also works as a tool that opens our emotions, and abstract beliefs. Through it, we can begin a journey of personal healing, learning & conscious thinking. In the process, we’re in tune with the moment. It creates an atmosphere for positive emotions, a sense of meaning, self-control, etc. Art has the power to transform even pain into an expressive form with new meaning.

Art enhances the creative subconscious mind

Art as a form of self-expression

A lucid explanation for our mental demise is that we have become cringe-filled adults with high levels of stress and pressure. Our inner creative child is starved! We have starved to death the vibrant kid in us!

Mental strain is a result of low creativity

We age and are taught to exercise emotional restraint and become logical. In the process, we become less risk-taking and explorative and our mental health slowly takes a toll. The yardsticks of life dwindle creative power. We have become cookie-cut adults; tainted by life in all respects.

 Hence, we ought to pursue the pure self-expression route that visual arts offers. Self-expression breaks all rules, standards, or expectations which have been set by others.  Yes, a road less traveled but a great way to boost mental health.

Art therapy is all about experimentations, self-expression, spontaneity, self-acceptance, trust, & intuition. It is about expression and feeding the inner creative child. Therefore, art is a fantastic way to go about expressing yourself, it gives us our ‘sense of self.’ By letting go of arbitrary labels; allowing artistic creativity to simply flow with no measurement of artist ability because everyone is creative in their own way.

Art solely for therapeutic purposes

Therapeutic art for artists will mean developing a sense of release from the pressure to produce a masterpiece. Creating non-perfectionist art on a non-judgmental basis is a good practice towards desired mental health. This eliminates the need to prove ourselves and just enjoy the process and simply be. It is by way of this liberating process of being in our element that we nurture the confidence to tackle all other things to our desired outcomes.

Art & Personal Development

Mindfulness is at the core of good mental health. Visual expression is a great aider to attaining this mindfulness state. Art helps us develop a positive attitude towards life. Productivity and intent automatically follow. This is because, when we discover the creative power of art on our wellbeing, a ripple effect will spill over onto our career lives, self-development, social life, and general wellbeing.

Not only does art create a sense of relaxation and leisure, but interpreting visuals create a sense of empathy and a better understanding of life.  It’s not a bizarre thing for life’s philosophy to be created through art appreciation and storytelling (see more

Maneuvering through our inner battles will enhance our personalities and we become more pleasant to be around.  Art expression enhances empathy and relationships with others. We develop harmonizing relationships in-and-out our workplace. Ultimately, art inspires us to fulfill our goals and reach for heights of greatness.

Art & Personal Development

Mental health means better memory and access to our creative side (see the article exploring our creative brain  

A simple appreciation for the finer things in life will make you an interesting and well-versed person. It offers a great deal of comfort and free therapy.

For refreshing artworks that will definitely finesse your taste, browser through the Artify website Give your mind a breather through visual art, it will work wonders for your mental health!

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